Environmental Services

Garbage and Debris Collection from Water Sources


Provides services in collecting floating garbage and other waste materials such as plastic, wood, algae, solid waste and other organic substances.


Oil Spill Recovery

Provides services in oil spill recovery utilizing appropriate advance technology such as vacuum oil processor which separates water from hydrocarbons with an accuracy of 98%, as well as the use of specially selected bioremediation agents which cause oil degradation. 


Cleaning Docks, Beaches and Reefs

Provides services in cleaning dock, beach and reef areas utilizing a powerful water canon to remove oil residue, filth and other organic matters, as well as washing vessels and their engine room with biological products which are safe and environmentally friendly.


Enhance Survey

Provides services in conducting examination and analysis of vessel structure utilizing the high standard Enhance Survey Program to collect relevant data regarding different components of the ship structure in order to perform wear analysis and assess the condition of the cargo hold or tank, including generation of reports thereof which are consistent with international standards.  Moreover, tests can be performed to assess the structural strength of a vessel as well as its components such as the wall between cargo tanks, or the vessel’s seams and joints utilizing the Hydrostatic Test and assessment of the coating condition within the cargo tanks.


Elimination of Unwanted Marine Flora

Provides services in eliminating unwanted marine flora such as water hyacinth, screw pine, algae, etc. which pollute natural waterways, to offer viable solutions to environmental and transportation problems.


Cleaning and Oxygenation of Water Sources

In addition to anti-pollution services, also provides services in water quality analysis before, during and following operations by collecting and monitoring water samples from different depths for analyses.  In addition, our vessels are also capable of water oxygenation which is a treatment used for hydrocarbon pollution, foams and surface suspensions of minute particles.  A water-air mix is pushed into the water by a sophisticated Venturi system and is particularly efficient in stagnant waters and in areas subject to tropism.


Dredging and Excavation Works

Provides services in dredging canals and waterways which have become shoal and impede transportation.